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Washington, DC Black History Month

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Washington, DC celebrates Black History Month every year.  ‘Negro History Week’, the major part of the United States Bicentennial was just renamed to Black History Month in 1976.  February is the month when people from around the United States come and attend numerous programs and cultural events in the capitol.  They celebrate Black History to remember and honor the struggles of African-Americans.  The special occasions are relevant to the history of Black Americans.


Memorials to Visit

  • Martin Luther King Memorial is a public site where visitors can come 24/7. The memorial honors the life of Dr. Martin who made struggles for the equal rights of black citizens.  The teachers come there along with their students during the field trips to teach them about the efforts made by Dr. Martin and followers.
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture features a large variety of educational programs, exhibits and lectures on different topics.
  • National Museum of the American Indian welcomes visitors with a concert by historians and artists.
  • National Museum of American History is a facet of traditional foods and preserved exhibitions that reflect the diversity of African American Communities.


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