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African-American History Field Trips to Washington, DC

African-Americans’ History and Culture

Washington, DC is the capitol of the United States but it is also well known for being the center of the African-Americans’ culture and history.  From the days of trading enslave people and the struggle of the Civil Rights to the origin of the black history honored and recognized global, Washington, DC is at the center of the Black History.


Field Trips to Washington, D.C.

There are several school field trips provide highlights of the African American important figures and historical attractions in the way that can bring its history to life. DC Field Trips travel throughout the capital providing students or visitors learning opportunity about these historical monuments, landmarks and important icons such as Duke Ellington and Phillip Reed.


Black History Tour

February is the Black History Month that offers daily tours for students.  There are various educational and attractive destinations with historical backgrounds in the Washington, DC.  Only an educational tour in a private coaster carrying 5 to 6 guests can provide a licensed guide to the visitors by visiting different landmarks including Howard University, the Mary M. Bethune Home, and historic communities.


DC Field Trips

February is the Black History or African-American History Month. It is the best time to know the struggle of African-Americans towards equal civil rights all around the world. Keeping this fact in mind, DC Field Trips have devised special field trip plans for Black History Month. Please call us today to know about our 1-Day, 2-Day, and 3-Day field trips for African-American History Month.


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Our trip plans are unique, educational and enjoyable. That is why students love our field trip plans. To make affordable for all students, we also charge less. For more information, please feel free to call us anytime. You can also fill the short form on this page to get into touch with us. Website URL: Call Us Now: +1-800-241-1728



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