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What are the Major Objectives of Field Trips?

Field Trips are Necessary

For many decades, field trip has taken a prominent place in the educational curriculum.  Every year, the students in the United States have taken to historic places, monuments, museums and other educational places for the specific learning.  If your school is facing a low budget problem and want to reduce trip expenses without going outside the classroom, then you can engage your students by opting virtual trips that can occur on laptops and computers as well.

School field trips help students in exposing different places, lifestyles and eras.  By visiting museums like the National World War I where the collection includes general weapons and other instruments of war to broad the understanding of students about the conflict.


Major Objectives of Field Trips

The explorations suggest that field trips encourage students and develop their cognitive skills.  There are some major objectives indicating that the students should be stimulated and involved by the teachers on field trips.

  • Develop historical and social awareness
  • Enhance critical thinking ability and skill
  • Highlight future planning and opportunities
  • Promote the traditional and universal ideas
  • Develop the interest in culture and art


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