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Washington, DC Field Trip Attractions

When visiting Washington, DC the popular thing to do is visit the museums, memorials and monuments. However there is so much more to do and see while visiting our Nation's Capital. In between the large doses of history there is always time for shopping, dining and sporting events.

In order to make it easier for you to plan your next field trip to DC, here is a list of the activities you might want to do when visiting:

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Washington DC, Many School Travel Attractions

As the capital city of the United States, Washington DC features countless historic sites, academic institutions, and educational attractions for students to explore. DC school trips will find history throughout the capital and its surrounding areas, whether it’s visiting government offices like the Capitol Building, the Library of Congress, or the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, or at the many national monuments and memorials located around the city. Regardless of grade level or curriculum theme, tours through Washington DC are guaranteed to expose students to the fun of student travel and learning abroad!

When it comes to visiting historic landmarks, DC student tours can choose to stop by over 160 monuments and memorials spread throughout the city! The most popular location for memorials is the National Mall, where students can see the landmark Lincoln Memorial, which is significant not only because it immortalizes the life and work of Civil War-era president Abraham Lincoln but because the site itself has its own history, as it is where Martin Luther King Jr’s landmark “I Have A Dream” speech was delivered in 1963. The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial is also located on the National Mall, and student groups can also check out the Washington Monument, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial amongst many others. The memorials are all open 24/7 and park ranger tours are usually available during the day, but classes are welcome to explore the memorials as much as they’d like and take plenty of photos!

The National Mall is the hub of attractions for Washington DC educational tours, as it is home to the leading museum and research institute of the nation, the Smithsonian Institution. There are 19 Smithsonian-affiliated museums and attractions in the Washington DC area, including the National Zoo. There are always educational events and new exhibits opening at these museums, so teachers and students are encouraged to check in to what’s on display. Class field trip groups will be welcomed with interesting programs and interactive lessons at most of these museums, which include the National History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the Portrait Gallery, and the Postal Museum amongst many others. Every Smithsonian museum focuses on educating its student visitors with history, the arts and sciences, and culture from a fresh and fun perspective.

Other locations worth a visit include Ford’s Theatre, the Newseum, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the National Cathedral, and Arlington National Cemetery. Students and educators should bear in mind that some DC attractions, like the US Capitol Building, the White House, and the Pentagon, require reservations for field trip groups several weeks and even months in advance.

Washington DC is always busy, always changing, and always a great destination to visit to learn more about American history and how history is continually being made in the United States. Whether it’s a day-trip or a multiple day student adventure, classes have a lot to explore on DC School Tours. How will your students make history on your DC school trip?  Submit Online Request

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